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Since 1994 this is our contribution to the business world.

Knowledge is Power

Understanding your rights and privileges as a business or a company is essential to the success of your enterprise when expanding your operations throughout the world particularly in the United States of America and/or Canada.  Most important are the rights and privileges of your employees and their families being transferred to manage and operate your establishment.

Your rights and privileges concerning business immigration have been determined and are applicable in all countries throughout the world by the World Trade Organization (WTO) where 164 countries are members today. They have the power to impose the established rules.

What has been determined?

All key employees (the Dream Team) and specialized skill employees are admissible with their families to be transferred from their home country to the US or Canadian division and or divisions throughout the world who are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Who is admissible?

Employees who are essential to the success of the operations according to the policies and procedures established by the business or company. According to their business culture, they can all obtain US business visas and can apply for permanent residence. Their spouses can obtain work authorizations and their children can go to school without having to pay international fees.

We compare this to the sports world.

Very much like professional sports across the world, expansion visas consist of your best people establishing your Dream Team.  A head coach or general manager is hired to perform at the best of their ability to lead their team to victory and they know they cannot execute alone. They make sure that they are accompanied by the best support such as their assistant coaches, athletic therapist and their strengthening professionals, etc.

The pieces of the puzzle that they know can be trusted to achieve a common goal. As businesses choose to expand their operations growth abroad for the better of their company, they must be permitted to be accompanied by their selected key employees (their Dream Team) and specialized skill employees.  Those that understand the operations and business culture share a passion for the success of the company.  When there is a lack of chemistry within the team, loss is unavoidable.

The contents of our business plan

Business managements and companies’ boards of directors cannot take decisions if they don’t have the right information. With our Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan, we aim to provide the deciders of a business or company with an accurate and complete snapshot of their rights and privileges in the context of conducting international business. With our Plan, the people making decisions will know who in their employee pool is eligible to immigrate and why. We will also tell you how to best organize your corporate legal structure in order to comply with the requirements of Canadian, American and international immigration authorities.

Part one:

We will assist you if applicable in the legal structuring of your corporate structure (for business immigration purposes as required by the US and/or Canada when transferring your key employees (dream team) and their families).

Part two:

Detailing the overall project

The most important part is detailing and documenting every aspect of the operations and management. This includes justifying why the key and specialized skill employees are essential to the success of the operations of the business or company in the target country. By providing a clear picture of what are their job description in their home country is and what position they are expected to fulfil in the target country, we maximise the rate of success of their immigration applications.

Part three:

We include what the deciders have identified as short, medium and long term goals of the business or company.  This requirement will provide the immigration authorities with the information they need to make a decision on the applicants.

Planning for the immigration and corporate mobility for key employees and their families belongs front and center because they will be managing your overall structure when the transaction is completed.  Furthermore, these key employees become more committed to be transferred to a new venture as they learn what will be done to secure their immediate family’s entry and residency to a different country and obtaining a business visa for them and their families.