The US and Canada are open for business!

The federal, state and local governments all have millions of dollars in incentives to attract businesses from around the world to grow their economy and create jobs. While there are tons of programs destined to local and foreign entrepreneurs and businesses alike, it can be difficult to identify which programs best suit your needs. We know our way around the various programs and can help put you in relation with the right people.

We have the contacts, let us make them benefit you!

Grants? Loans? Subsidies?

How to know what my business is eligible for?

To obtain financing from local financial and governmental institutions, one must excel in the art of positioning. How you register and present your company will influence what programs it is eligible for, as well as the extent of the financing possible.

In the planning of your expansion into the US and/or Canada, the CanAm Immigration and New York Immigration Law Group will implement the necessary components and steps necessary to make your business eligible for grants and subsidies in the Target Country as much as possible, depending on your field of activity and business structure.