International business immigration and corporate mobility

Since 1994, our team has had the privilege of assisting over 2500 business and companies seeking to expand in the US and Canada. Furthermore we assisted more then 4500 companies where we were instrumental in securing over 30 000 visas and Permanent Residencies for workers, C-Suite Management  professionals and specialized skilled employees.

Let us be an added value to your team!

Business expansion visa to the us or canada

Canada and the US are open for business 

Expand your business or company’s operations to the US or Canada. Obtain the same rights and privileges as local companies to help with YOUR success.

We can help you secure visas to get your key employees, those essential to the success of your expansion, on the ground in the US or Canada.

Treaty investor visa

Invest in the US or Canada and move there now!

Did you know Canada and the US have investor programs designed to facilitate the investor’s mobility to and from the target country? If your investment meets certain requirements, it can pave the way to your obtaining permanent residency in Canada or the US.

Investors from over 160 countries are admissible.

Business center

CanAm is a turn key business consulting firm.

Since 1994, our team has had the privilege of assisting over 2500 business and companies, by being an added value to their team for their specific  needs when expanding in the  US and Canada.

Our consulting team with over 250 years of combined experience in their related field and contacts throughout the US and Canada can assist businesses, companies and investors conquer the US and Canadian markets. Let us be part of your team!