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Knowledge is Power – Planning is Success

Since 1994 we have assisted over 7000 businesses and companies to obtain more than 27,000 US business visas and permanent residencies for the applicants and their families. Upon request we can put you in contact with some of our clients who have benefited from our services and who are in your related field.

Businesses and companies rely on their corporate bankers to assist them in every step of their operations. Often corporate bankers need to understand the rights and privileges of their clients when they expand their operations in the US and/or Canada. Companies and businesses qualify to expand and most of all their key employees (their Dream Team) who are essential to the success of their operations qualify.

We offer free and unlimited assessment before their project is financed insuring that you have all the information required to justify their expansion. Furthermore, knowing that their key employees (their Dream Team) being transferred will be responsible for the success of the operations.

We assisted two Canadian banks in expanding their operations in Florida by obtaining US business visas and permanent residencies for their key employees (their Dream Team) and their families ensuring the success of their operations.


Over the years we have given conferences to over 4500 clients of the BDC interested in conquering the US market through expanding their operations in the US or structuring their import/export projects. business. 

We invite you to visit our US Business Visa Educational Portal.