Applicable US Business Visa(s)

Our mission

CanAm Immigration and New York Immigration Law Group sole mission is to be an added value to M&A professionals by solving the people puzzle within the transaction.We can provide our services through the white label concept not to interfere with the transaction.

Employees make or break business success. This saying, simple as it is, holds the key to a successful international expansion, merger, acquisition or joint venture. The employees carry out an organization’s mission and it is only through them that a company can affect the world around it. Thereby, it is paramount for the acquiring or merging company to make sure that their key employees (their Dream Team) and their families can make it to the target country to contribute to the business’s success in new lands.

Our expertise

Since 1994 the CanAm Immigration team and New York Immigration Law Group  bridge the risks and complete the People Puzzle by piecing together an Immigration and Corporate Mobility Business Plan .

A transaction in an international context must integrate the immigration component from Day-1. Trying to rush an immigration strategy at the end of a transaction inevitably leads to a number of employee applications being denied. You can avoid these problems and their complications by effectively integrating the immigration strategy at the beginning of the transaction, through the conception of a Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan.

The contents of our business plan

Business managements and companies’ boards of directors cannot take decisions if they don’t have the right information. With our Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan, we aim to provide the deciders of a business or company with an accurate and complete snapshot of their rights and privileges in the context of conducting international business. With our Plan, the people making decisions will know who in their employee pool is eligible to immigrate and why. We will also tell you how to best organize your corporate legal structure in order to comply with the requirements of Canadian, American and international immigration authorities.

Part one:

We will assist you if applicable in the legal structuring of your corporate structure (for business immigration purposes as required by the US and/or Canada when transferring your key employees (dream team) and their families).

Part two:

Detailing the overall project

The most important part is detailing and documenting every aspect of the operations and management. This includes justifying why the key and specialized skill employees are essential to the success of the operations of the business or company in the target country. By providing a clear picture of what are their job description in their home country is and what position they are expected to fulfil in the target country, we maximise the rate of success of their immigration applications.

Part three:

We include what the deciders have identified as short, medium and long term goals of the business or company.  This requirement will provide the immigration authorities with the information they need to make a decision on the applicants.

Planning for the immigration and corporate mobility for key employees and their families belongs front and center because they will be managing your overall structure when the transaction is completed.  Furthermore, these key employees become more committed to be transferred to a new venture as they learn what will be done to secure their immediate family’s entry and residency to a different country and obtaining a business visa for them and their families.