Applicable US Business Visa(s)

  • Expansion Visa
  • Treaty Trader

International trade is a staple of the 21st century and no one can escape this reality. The United States and Canada exchange goods & services with countries all over the world each year, for sums ranging upwards of billions of dollars per day .

By expanding in the US and/or Canada, you get the same rights & privileges as local American (Buy American) and/or Canadian businesses or companies would. This allows you to sell your products  and or services more efficiently. To serve this purpose, expansion visas hold many advantages and opportunities to facilitate international business. Transfer your key employees. Thus, insuring the success of US / Canada operations.

Furthermore the US has a Treaty Trader (Sales Person, Consultant, Broker) special visas specifically designed for your industry! Over 50 countries are admissible

Our Welcoming Team

Landing in a new country can sometimes be stressful and demanding. At CANAM, we fully understand the challenges you might have to face once in the US or Canada and we are able to assist you and your family every step of the way. Our “Welcoming Team” is specially trained to facilitate everything for you, from housing requirements to school admissions in order to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Let us facilitate the integration of your family in their new homeland by assisting you and your family with all your personal needs, so you can feel at home in the United States or Canada.

For visa holders and their family, our staff can assist them in the following areas:

  • Rent or buy a home anywhere in the target country
  • Enrollment into Schools and Universities
  • Insurance (healthcare, home and vehicles)
  • Banking (credit cards and loans)
  • Accounting (for preparation of their annual tax returns)
  • Recommendations pertaining to what they must do when leaving their home country make the transition as seamless as possible
  • Social security, Driver’s license
  • Moving procedures