Our Guidebook

Our Guidebook shows how to plan your business-related activities in the US and Canada. In 1994 we created our Guidebook to provide a turnkey roadmap for companies and businesses operating in two or more countries. We personalize each Guidebook for the business or company to which it is destined, so that it caters to their specific needs.

We have seen thousands of individuals who were banned from entering the US and Canada for 5 to 10 years for lying to immigration officers about their true intent coming to the US or Canada. Our guidebook contains a roadmap to exercising 18 business related activities, permitted in the US and/or Canada. Training is provided to the HR department and in the end, it takes your team approximately 20 minutes to complete temporary immigration applications.

With the Guidebook, you will have all the necessary tools to give your employees advice on how to conduct cross-border business activities.

18 business related activities autorized in the US and/or Canada

  • Business meeting
  • sales
  • installation
  • after sales services
  • troubleshooting
  • purchasing agent
  • attending a conference
  • giving a conference
  • conventions
  • seminars
  • trade fairs
  • giving training
  • attending training programs
  • litigation
  • marketing
  • research and design and transportation.